2016 Italian Championships: the results

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The 2016 edition of the Italian Championships came to a close over the weekend at the Le Siepi equestrian centre in Ravenna and here below we round-up the results.
As expected, the winner in the Veterans category was Marcello Carraro of Padova. The owner of ‘Agricola Carraro’ (an agricultural machinery firm) turned 56th during the event and celebrated in style by taking the victory. Over the course of his career, Carraro has represented Italy in seven editions of the Nations Cup as well as a number of international events. Velia Angelini was second while the final podium slot was taken by Marina Scolari.
Moving on, in the Horsewomen category, the victorious rider was Alessandra Galiano of the San Martino Stables. Riding home in second was Vittoria Tosi of the FG ASD Stables with Pieranna Bramafarina of the S.I. Astense Stables claiming the bronze medal.
Another highly anticipated competition was the ‘Trofeo d’Italia delle Associazioni’ which in addition to putting medals up for grabs, also offered the top-five teams qualification to the ‘Master delle Società Affiliate di Piazza di Siena 2017’.
The winners were Horse & Rider SSD while in second spot we find Team Malabaila. G.E.S.E. coached by Lorenzo Bevilacqua were third. The other two teams booking their place for the ‘Master delle Società Affiliate di Piazza di Siena 2017’ were Team Bressanelli and Team Equus in fourth and fifth respectively Here are the rest of the competitions that took place and the results:
‘Criterium Amazzoni 1° e 2° grado’
GOLD: Diana Bartoloni
SILVER: Federica Miotto
BRONZE: Francesca Tommasa De Checchi
‘Criterium Tecnici 1° grado’
GOLD: Hanna Janina Maria Jansson Reissmuller
SILVER: Cristian Andreis
BRONZE: Luca Fabbri
‘Criterium Veterani 1° grado’
GOLD: Tiziana Mesirca
SILVER: Claudio Vingiani
BRONZE: Monia Carnevali
‘Trofeo Brevetti Emergenti’
GOLD: Laura Oppi
SILVER: Maria Grazia Auletta
BRONZE: Elisa Moretti
‘Trofeo Brevetti Esordienti’
GOLD: Martina Saracco
SILVER: Matilde Mancinelli
BRONZE: Greta Panigalli
‘Trofeo Amazzoni 1° grado’
GOLD: Daria Accordi
SILVER: Sabina Bianchini
BRONZE: Martina Garbin
‘Trofeo Tecnici 1° grado’
GOLD: Davide Dabbeni
SILVER: Maria Grazia Mosca
BRONZE: Davide Sartore 

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