About us

HSJ has truly solidified its position in both the national and international equestrian scenes. Its prominence is a result of its participation in numerous Show Jumping World Championships and its engagement across a diverse range of equestrian disciplines, from Dressage and Eventing to Vaulting, Horse Ball, Polo, Endurance, American Equitation, and even Paralympic Equitation.
This gave rise to an innovative concept: capturing the most notable advancements in the equestrian world and presenting them within the pages of a magazine. The magazine’s purpose goes beyond simply reporting sports outcomes. It also includes a desire to delve into an array of topics, including veterinary medicine, horse racing, equine health, animal welfare, and much more.
The future of Horseshowjumping.tv brims with exciting new features. Alongside thorough sports coverage, the magazine aims to shift its focus toward contemporary subjects that hold deep relevance, such as Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences. These themes are interwoven with a spotlight on how rigorous athletic training serves as a cornerstone of effective horsemanship.
HSJ magazine has returned in a revitalized and advanced format, maintaining its bilingual presence in both Italian and English. The team has been bolstered, welcoming new experts from every facet of the equestrian world. The commitment lies in spreading the passion for horse riding, engaging enthusiasts and businesses alike through social media—a conduit tailored to the brisk pace of modern life.