9 pairs register clears in the first stage of the Italian Championships 2015.

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The Italian Championships 2015 for show-jumping have started in Gorla Minore.
On Thursday, riders took part in the first of three stages of the competition with 9 pairs all registering clears: Giulia Martinengo Marquet with Istafan Sissi, Roberto Previtali with Lucaine, Emilio Bicocchi with Ares, Filippo Martini di Cigala with Pupillo of the Italian Army, Riccardo Pisani on Chico Z, Natale Chiaudani with Almeto 12, Linda Bratomi with Utopia di San Patrignano, Orlando Izzo with Uganito du Seigneur and Arnaldo Bologni on Quidic de la Chavee.
The course has been designed by Uliano Vezzani and Paolo Rossato and put 62 riders to the test without too many difficulties. 15 horse and rider combinations on the other hand are all level after the first stage of the Criterium Senior competition. The second and third stage will be taking place on Friday.
photo: sassofotografie.it Gianluca Sasso

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