All set at CES Valencia for its long-awaited Spring Tour

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From February 4th till March 12th the Valencia show will welcome teams from all nationalities for an extraordinary 2023’ international season kick-off
Establishing itself as one of the Spanish tours of reference worldwide in only 5 years of its opening. CES Valencia Tour maintains its know-how with its 5-weeks-of-competition Spring Tour targeting all types of riders but focusing mainly in amateurs and those more professionals preparing the beginning of the season
Basing their philosophy in promoting a close and familiar environment, CES Valencia Tour offers best services alongside their top facilities all in a compacted soil without long walking distances. Its location is beyond dreamy when situated only 15 minutes away from the 3rd most important city in Spain by the mediterranean, Valencia. There, where to spend free time on eclectic dinners, tourism and any hobbies considered.
When talking about competition, the show offers:
    4 days per week of competition (Thursday through Sunday)
    5 weeks of competitions with one break week after week 2
    3 Ranking Classes per week
    2 Future Stars Trophies for the youngsters
        One at the end of week 2
        Second after week 3
    Opportunity for children and juniors to obtain their qualifications for European Championships.

For further informations visit: website


Press Release CES Valencia

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