An appeal is launched to save Normandy breeding grounds at risk from environmental damage

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Breeders and all those that work in the surrounding areas of the Haras du Pin breeding-farm in Normandy, are using the World Equestrian Games (taking place in the same region of Normandy) as an occasion to launch their appeal of saving the legendary breeding lands from becoming a site for industrial waste.
There is a real fear that the breeding lands will be slowly ruined after plans were proposed to use it for a giant industrial waste site, replacing the green landscape of the French region.
The industrial project foresees the land, which is the heart of France’s breeding ground, being used as a site for waste from the whole of Europe. A total of 150,000 tons of waste per year will be dispersed and 2,5 million tons over the total period the site will be in use, 17 years.
The obvious environmental decay would be made worse by the toxic fumes emitted into the atmosphere, the land and water seriously damaging the ecosystem. For these above reasons, Eric Puerari, the President of Sauvegarde des Terres d’Elevage has asked for the support of the equestrian community to stop the sad eventuality and planned 17 year commission.
French breeding and more depends on a movement against this type of proposal. The wish is to have Normandy as a protected land for horse breeding.
Since the WEG are an occasion to show solidarity between horse lovers, a meeting has been arranged for all those interested in lending their support on the 29th and 30th of August at Haras du Pin.
Finally it’s worth reminding that it isn’t just about horse breeding, but the right to defend the land from environmental damage.
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