Another fairytale for Hester as Uthopia remains


Having averted the sale of Valegro last year, Carl Hester has managed to retain his top horse Uthopia, another dream came true thanks to a mysterious benefactor, who, after having purchased the 15-year-old stallion, Wilson Auctions, on May 27, has handed Carl Hester MBE another top ride.
The private buyer of Uthopia has expressed a desire to remain anonymous, and so after the wonderful story surrounding Valegro, Hester remained in the team due to the very generous offers submitted by fans, and now comes the beautiful fairytale of Uthopia and its mysterious buyer .
Hester was over the moon about the Equestrian World, which arrived just in time for his birthday. The British rider has publicly thanked all those who have worked with him and of course the unknown benefactor, for which the Hester has expressed a desire to respect this wish for anonymity.

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