Anticipation rises for Lorenzo Attili Memorial

attili rosetti

The fifth edition of the Lorenzo Attili Memorial is just around the corner and takes place on July 29-31 in Montefalco. Speaking ahead of the event, show director Danilo Scagnoli has also announced that there will be a host of other activities planned.
Scagnoli was eager to thank the event’s partners including Kep Italia while naturally taking a moment to pay tribute to Lorenzo Attili to whom the event is dedicated. Looking ahead, Saturday is the date fans are most excited about as riders go head to head in the GP.
As mentioned above, there are a number of initiatives with a number of great prizes up for grabs including a training camp with Antonio Alfonso who won’t be competing but was eager to play his part by offering a unique experience to a lucky rider.
Alfonso also spoke glowingly of Lorenzo Attili for whom a number of initiatives have been arranged including a five a side football tournament. In the meantime, Montefalco and the course director Elio Travagliati are gearing up to welcome over 300 horses.
Paolo Pompilio – Oranus d’Orion
Mauro Matteucci jr -Teun
Giovanni Consorti – Zilver
Paolo Pompilio – Fasijgje vh russeltveld
(photo © Fabio Rosetti)

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