Azzurri first to take to the field at British leg of the Nations Cup.

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The British leg of the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup is all set to get underway today at the CSIO5* Hickstead, with the host nation Great Britain along with Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and Italy the nations competing for points in the overall standings.
The Azzurri have been selected as the first nation to go around the British course and head coach Hans Horn has named the following 4 riders as they battle it out for precious points on British soil: Piergiorgio Bucci with Catwalk Z, Giulia Martinengo Marquet with Fixdesign Funke van’T Heike, Daniele Augusto Da Rios with For Passion and Lorenzo De Luca with Erco van’T Roosakker.
Holland are the second nation meanwhile to take on the course designed by Britain’s Kelvin Bywater followed by GB, Switzerland, Belgium, USA, Germany and France.
Here are the line-ups for each nation:
HOLLAND – Johnny Pals (Vignet), Harrie Smolders (Don VHP Z), Willem Greve (Carambole NOP), Jur Vrieling (VDL Zirocco Blue NOP).
GREAT BRITAIN – Michael Whitaker (Calcourt Falklund), Holly Gillott (Dougie Douglas), Guy Williams (Titus), Ben Maher (Diva II).
SWITZERLAND – Paul Estermann (Castlefield Eclipse), Martin Fuchs (Clooney 51), Janika Sprunger (Bonne Chance Cw), Pius Schwizer (Giovanni van het Scheefkasteel).
BELGIUM – Pieter Devos (Dylano), Judy Ann Melchior (As Cold As Ice Z), Gudrun Pattet (Sea Coast Pebles Z), Olivier Philippaerts (H&M Armstrong van de Kapel).
USA – Laura Kraut (Nouvelle), Charlie Jayne (Chill RZ), Todd Minikus (Babalou), Elizabeth Madden (Cortes ‘c).
GERMANY – Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum (Fibonacci 17), Mario Stevens (Brooklyn 17), Janne Friederike Meyer (Goja), Christian Ahlmann (Epleaser van’t Heike).
FRANCE – Penelope Leprevost (Flora de Mariposa), Simon Delestre (Ryan des Hayettes), Roger Yves Bost (Qiud’Coeur de la Loge), Patrice Delaveau (Lacrimoso 3 HDC).
A reminder that it is the French that are leading the overall standings in the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup (EUROPE DIVISION 1) on 310 points, with Holland and Sweden following closely behind and both level on 295 points.
4th Belgium 250
5th Germany 225
6th Ireland 205
7th Great Britain 200
8th Spain 195
9th Switzerland 160
10th Italy 155
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Britain’s Michael Whitaker appears in good form ahead of the Nations Cup fixture at Hickstead and rode to victory in the Bunn Leisure Trophy yesterday with his mount Quelbora Merze. It was no easy feat and hurdles of 1.60m certainly put him and the rest of the field to the test.
Yesterday there was also a win for Irishman Trevor Breen with Georgie d’Auvray Ec in the Bunn Leisure Vase over 1.45m against the clock. Italy’s Lorenzo De Luca claimed the final top-ten finish with his mount Homer de Reve.
Finally, a reminder that today’s Nations Cup fixture starts at 14.15 and you can follow it all live on FEI Tv while Eurosport will be broadcasting live the second round from 17.00.
photo: Fei

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