Azzurri riders Pisani, Bicocchi and Importa shine at Toscana Tour.

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Germany’s Tobias Meyer has ridden his way to victory in the main event of the Gold Tour in Tuscany. Meyer was in action with Delight to claim the win while following behind in second we find Riccardo Pisani with Freedom van’t Heike and Emilio Bicocchi with Ares in the final podium slot. The time-trial meanwhile in the Gold Tour over 1.40m was won by Antonio Garofalo with Zyquita Sr followed by an in-form Riccardo Pisani in second and Andreas Ott with Nanu II in third.
Moving onto the Silver Tour, victory was taken by French rider Frederic Buusquet with Ti Pol du Plessis. In second we find Cassandra Braeckmans with Bubsylon and in third Konstantinos Papathanassiou with Quatuor des Bordes. Francesca Ciriesi just missed out on the podium and came fourth with Casido L. To continue, Celeste Importa won the Bronze Tour time-trial with Idolyn van Mc & Mc. Valentin Velea was second with Clearway Carngo and Alessandra Culotta was third with Boeing U R. Impressing in fourth place was Gianni Sarri with Celkine.

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