Azzurri set for Fontainebleau

Fontainebleau 2

Italy will take part in the Nations Cup at Fontainebleau (France, 19/21). The team will be: Alice Lazzarini on Pretty Boop, Bianca Gresele on Poetic Justice Cassio, Oliva Faverio on Miss Ennis and Sofia Grobberio on New Forge Lady. The fifth place will be Giorgia Failla on Ashlair Lady.
The seven riders in the individual competition are: Melissa Ambrosetti (Mountross Princess and The Silver Lady), Martina Giordano (Prospect Peter), Nicolas Giordano (Glenville Lucy), Diletta Leso (Go Go’s Welcome), Ludovica Peracino (Ballymerrigan Star), Sofia Robotti (Cruz On Bob and Jakiro) and Giorgia Failla (Casador).
The Azzurri youth team will be under the guidance of Gianluca Bormioli supported by vet Marco Albano.

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