Behind the competition scenes of LGCT Mexico City

Women during open cerimont of LGCT Mexico City

by Stefano Secchi

LGCT Mexico City had a lot to offer and that is why we love looking back to it, beside great days of competition, some beautiful cultural moments from the mexican traditions have been captured by the renowen italian photographer Stefano Secchi.

The buterfly cerimony-representing the dia de los muertos

ph.Stefano Secchi / ImageSS

In pre-Hispanic folklore, it was believed that migrating butterflies carried the souls of ancestors visiting from the afterlife. For centuries, Mexico’s monarch butterflies have been a profound cultural symbol, representing the connection between the living and the dead. This is why during the LGCT Mexico City parade we see these butterfiels being carried.

La Catrina, living feature of mexican culture

ph.Stefano Secchi / ImageSS

Today, La Catrina stands as Posada’s most renowned creation. She symbolizes the Day of the Dead, Mexico’s yearly celebration in honor of the departed, held on November 1 and 2. Her image is widely replicated throughout the holiday. In this picture captured by Secchi we see a man accompanying a woman, these two figures represent both the Catrina during the LGCT parade.

A sacred symbol of after life

ph.Stefano Secchi / ImageSS

The Catrina, symbolizes after life. It is a way to make Mexicans feel comfortable.

La Catrina serves as a core symbol of the Day of the Dead, representing the cycle of life and death. With her elegant attire and distinctive skull makeup, she embodies the idea that death is an integral part of life, meant to be acknowledged and celebrated. Women often dress in beautiful, colorful gowns symbolizing the dead and paint their faces as skulls to honor this tradition. During the LGCT Mexico parade we, see several women dressed to symbolize Catrina in different colorful beautiful gowns.

The power of the eagle

ph.Stefano Secchi / ImageSS

For the Dia de los Muertos not only the Catrina is a representative figure for the Mexican Celebration, but also the Eagle, representing the power during those days. In this picture captured at the ingate of the beautiful green grass arena in Mexico City we see a statue of the ceature represing Eagle symbolizes bravery, strength, and the unwavering spirit of the Mexican people.

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