Belgium: firework display leads to the death of a horse. Owners set to take legal action.

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There is anger and frustration from owners of a horse stables near Antwerp, Belgium after a fireworks display to celebrate new year led to the death of one of their horses, a 6 year-old gelding. The fireworks apparently startled and scared the horse causing a heart attack.
For the owners Peter Huyskens and his wife, new year is always a time of constant fear, not only for their horses, but also for the domestic animals such as their dogs who like the horses are frightened by the fireworks displays. In the worst case scenario, the animals can suffer from heart attacks and die.
This year, the owners of the horse stables decided to leave the horses out in the open, thinking that it would be the best solution to the fireworks display allowing the horses the chance to move about as opposed to being closed up inside.
At 23.30 Peter and his wife were both at the paddock to monitor the situation but just a few minutes after midnight the tragedy took place right in front of their eyes: the horse collapsed to the ground and according to the vet the death was caused by a rupture of the aorta almost certainly because of the fear. Shaken and understandably angry, Peter made contact with the local mayor but unsatisfied with the response, he has now decided to take legal action with the aim of banning fireworks within the community and to ensure the safety of the animals.

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