Belgium Warmblood, Hannoveraner Verband, KWPN all crowned Champions at WBFSH Studbooks Jumping Global Champions Trophy

La squadra dei KWPN vincitori del Studbooks Jumping Global Champions Trophy

The inaugural WBFSH Studbooks Jumping Global Champions Trophy concluded its highly-anticipated competition with a spectacular final day that had everyone on the edge of their seats. This groundbreaking event, which brought together some of the world’s finest studbooks in a unique showdown, has truly left its mark.

The WBFSH Studbooks Jumping Global Champions Trophy introduced an exciting new format that challenged the riders’ skills, versatility, and teamwork. It featured a blend of traditional show jumping elements and innovative team-oriented challenges, creating an electrifying atmosphere for both riders and spectators alike. This fresh format added a unique twist to the world of equestrian sports, captivating the hearts of fans worldwide.

Team Results after 7 year olds Final:

  1. KWPN
  2. Anglo European Studbook
  3. Selle Francais
  4. Westfalisches Pferdestammbuch
  5. Hannoveraner Verband
  6. Irish Sport Horse
  7. Danish Warmblood
  8. Belgium Warmblood
  9. Oldenburg – International
  10. Zangersheide

It all came down to the very final fence in the 7 year old Championship. Last to go Selle Francais looked on track to take the crown until two down from their last to go handed the win to KWPN. KWPN were the second team to go and held the lead from the start. Finishing on a team total of 13 faults the squad of Let’s Wait and See HX (Owner: Hx Breeding / Breeder: Stal Hendrix) ridden by Gaj Riossa, Loekie-Douglas (Owner: Johannes Woudstra / Breeder: Vof Platenkamp & Evenhuis Services) ridden by Hilde Woudstra and Lavesther (Owner: Bas Moerings / Breeder: G.J.A. Moerings) ridden by Bas Moerings delivered in front of the home crowd.

Anglo European Studbook featuring Wild Star HF (Owner: Haddon Farms / Breeder: Nicholas Ward) ridden by Emily Ward, If Evers Girl (Owner: Abbie Summers / Breeder: Harry Whall) ridden by  Benjamin Bick and Gamil (Owner: Carron Nicol / Breeder: Tops Horse Trading BV & Camaran Stavble BV) ridden by Leo Lamb held their nerve to secure silver medal position on 16 faults. While last to go Selle Francais had to settle for Bronze at the Longines Tops International Arena this time with their team of Giorgio d’Ellipse (Owner: S.N.C. Ellipse / Breeder: S.N.C. Ellipse) ridden by Robin Lesqueren, Grand Duc du Paradiso (Owner: Alain Leclercq, E.A.R.L. Quibel Stables / Breeder: Jean Marie Lefevre) ridden by Sara Brionne and Gengis Kann de Londe ( Owner: Mathias Spilmann, Pierre Spilmann / Breeder: Pierre Spilmann/Mathias Spilmann) ridden by  Emeric George finishing on 16 faults as well but in a slower time.

Team Results after 6 year olds Final:

  1. Belgium Warmblood
  2. Danish Warmblood
  3. Anglo European Studbook
  4. Selle Francais
  5. Hannoveraner Verband
  6. Zangersheide
  7. Irish Sport Horse
  8. Westfalisches Pferdestammbuch
  9. KWPN
  10. Oldenburg – International

The 6 year old Final was filled with thrills from start to finish as once again the teams who came into the arena first took top honors. Belgium Warmblood squad had almost flawless rounds to finish on a team total of 5 faults with a clear from Rhythm-K van ‘t Kattenheye ( Owner: JV Horses, Stal ‘T Kattenheye / Breeder: Annemarie & Tony Raman – Strobbe) ridden by Jan Vermeiren. A single-time fault from Ransome 111 (Owner: Stud 111 / Breeder: Stal Harrie Theeuwes) ridden by Gilles van Hamme and one down from their third team member of Rhapsody van het Netehof (Owner: Roger De Winter / Breeder: Roger De Winte) ridden by Jeroen de Winter skyrocketed them to the top of the leader board.

The Danish Warmblood squad were first to go in the final after not the best starts to the week but they saved it all for the last day as they took home silver medal and left the rest of the chasing them down. The team made up of Feldborgs Cantonelli (Owner: Nordentoft Equestrian Aps / Breeder: Arne Feldborg Johannesen), Syvhoejegaards Final Edition (Owner: Niels Osterland / Breeder: Niels Osterland) and Emmett H DWB (Owner: Sporthorses V/Brdr. Laursen I/S / Breeder: Marie-Louise & Lars Wulff Henriksen finished with a total of 9 faults and the riders Rikke Andersen, Anne Katrine Kolborg Johansen and Mikkel Laursen excited the arena smiling ear to ear.

Interesting last to go Anglo European Studbook couldn’t quite handle the pressure and finished with a total of 16 faults good enough for the bronze medal today. The team of Millfield Lottery (Owner: Angela Hunt, Nick Ward / Breeder: Millfield Stud) ridden by Emily Ward, Chrysler Key SR (Owner: Carron Nicol / Breeder: Keystud) ridden by Leo Lamb and Heart of Cicero (Owner: Weston Lawns Stud / Breeder: G Reynolds) ridden by Georgia Wells fought until the last fence giving it everything that had from day one here at Longines Tops International Arena.

WBFSH 06 140 6yo Belgian Warmblood 20231001 03SG6030.JPG 1
Belgium Warmblood, Hannoveraner Verband, KWPN all crowned Champions at WBFSH Studbooks Jumping Global Champions Trophy 4

Team Results after 5 year olds Final:

  1. Hannoveraner Verband
  2. Zangersheide
  3. Anglo European Studbook
  4. Belgium Warmblood
  5. Irish Sport Horse
  6. Danish Warmblood
  7. KWPN
  8. CDE / Ancades:
  9. Westfalisches Pferdestammbuch
  10. Selle Francais

It was a dramatic 5 year old final as it fell apart for favorite Selle Francais and they finished bottom of the order today. Having led the 5 year old category all week Hannoveraner Verband converted their pole position into the win as Dicardo 7 (Owner: Corinna Passy / Breeder: Enno Köster) ridden by William James Passy, Diarello 3 (Owner: Stefan Aust / Breeder: Stefan Aust) ridden by  Tim-Uwe Hoffmann and Constable (Owner: Ilona Turowska / Breeder: Ilona Turowska) ridden by  Jaroslaw Skrzyczynski finished with just a single rail down over all three rounds.

Zangersheide were unlucky to collect 8 faults between the team and finish just behind Hannoveraner this time. The squad made up of Victory Music Z (Owner: Walter Lelie / Breeder: Walter Lelie), Boeff van de Molen Z (Owner: Kristof Engelen / Breeder: Kristof Engelen) and Libelle Asborne Z (Owner: Asborne Bvba / Breeder: Bvba Asborne) jumped superb rounds in rapid times to finish ahead of Anglo European Studbook who were also on 8 faults.

WBFSH 05 130 5yo Hanoverian Association 20231001 03SG7677.JPG 1
Belgium Warmblood, Hannoveraner Verband, KWPN all crowned Champions at WBFSH Studbooks Jumping Global Champions Trophy 5

Looking ahead to next year, organizers are already gearing up for an even more thrilling and unforgettable second edition of the WBFSH Studbooks Jumping Global Champions Trophy. The anticipation is growing for what promises to be another exhilarating chapter in the world of equestrian excellence. The future of the WBFSH Studbooks Jumping Global Champions Trophy is bright, and fans can expect to witness more breathtaking performances, unwavering team spirit, and innovation in the years to come.

Photo Longines Tops International Arena (c) | Press release LONGINES TOPS INTERNATIONAL ARENA – Studbooks Jumping Global Champions Trophy 2023

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