Bicocchi in pole at Tuscan event.

Emilio Bicocchi 1

Here is a round-up from Arezzo, Tuscany which is staging the 2016 Italian Championships and where Emilio Bicocchi is currently in first place in the standings after the second trial in the seniors category with Ares.
Antonio Alfonso with Redskin de Riverland is second while Gianni Govoni with Antonio is third. Here is the rest of the top-ten:
4th Filippo Moyersoen – Canada
5th Matilde Giorgia Bianchi – Lejano
6th Paolo Adamo Zuvadelli – Carthusia
7th Bruno Chimirri – Traffic Boy
8th Giacomo Bassi – Viva la Donna
9th Antonio Alfonso – Indiana del Terriccio
10th Luigi Polesello – Panama Tame

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