Big changes scheduled for the Belgian studbook BWP.

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One of the most prestigious studbooks in the world, Belgium’s BWP, has announced some big changes for the future via its website.
For 50 years this studbook has operated a traditional business model, but times change and the studbook has recognised that it’s necessary to adapt to new ways of doing business.
New additions to its reproducers will now have the goal of providing immediately a high number of foal from a new genealogical line, which for many years came mainly from the Darco line and that with Ludo Philippaerts brought Belgian breeding to prominence and in particular the BWP studbook.
BWP will work in partnership and with the support of new companies like Azelhof and Hippo Zorg in addition to the presence of an established partner KBC. The selection process, the approval and sales at auctions of the horses will also undergo modifications within the new organisational set-up.

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