Calgary Masters: Brazilian team go from strength to strength.

veniss u 1

There is simply no stopping the Brazilian team right now. After winning the Arezzo leg of the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup, they experienced that winning feeling once again by triumphing in the BMO Nation’s Cup worth 300,000 $ at Spruce Meadows.
8 nations were present for the competition held at this year’s Calgary Masters and which saw just 2 pairs complete the course without picking up any penalties. The winners Brazil fielded the following line-up: Pedro Veniss, Felipe Amaral, Eduardo Menezes and Rodrigo Pessoa. France meanwhile took silver and the hosts Canada bronze.
Pedro Veniss with 11 year-old selle française Quabri de L Isle (Kannan) was one of those aforementioned riders to clear the course twice and by now with Quabri de L Isle forms an established pairing. The two competed together at the World Equestrian Games last year and more recently at the Pan American Games.
Felipe Amaral at just 23 years of age meanwhile was the youngest of the Brazilians to take to the field yesterday with his 12 year-old stallion Premiere Carthoes BZ (Carthago Z) and impressed in round 1 clearing the course but then amassing 8 penalties in round 2.
As for Eduardo Menezes and Quintol (Quintender), they ended up with 24 penalties overall. Luckily the Brazilians also had their leader Rodrigo Pessoa in action and the experienced rider registered a double clear with the same mount that should be with him at the Rio Olympic Games: Status (Satisfaction).
The latest result will have certainly pleased head coach Jean-Maurice Bonneau whose goal since taking over the team has been to take them to the highest levels possible and compete with leading nations Germany, France and Holland.
According to the coach, when he first took over 5 years ago the team was not ready for 5 star events and they had to take a step back to then go two steps forward. They started with 3 star events to build up experience and it appears to have been a worthwhile strategy as the wins at Arezzo and Spruce Meadows confirm.
With young and talented riders like Felipe Amaral, the future looks bright for Brazil and ahead of the Olympic Games on home soil. Bonneau will continue overseeing the team’s preparations ahead of that big event and wants to have 6 or 7 pairs capable of performing at the highest levels to choose his Olympic Team from.
Focusing on the runners-up, France bounced back after their disappointment at the European Games in Aachen and Philippe Guerdat fielded a strong line-up which was as follows: Jerome Hurel with Quartz Rouge, Roger Yves Bost with Quod’ Coeur de la Loge, Cedric Angot with Saxo de la Cour and Kevin Staut with Qurack de Falasie HDC.
The hosts, who took the final podium slot, had the following riders competing: Yann Candele with Showgirl, Tiffany Foster with Tripple X III, Eric Lamaze with Fine Lady 5 and Ian Millar with Dixson.
photo credits: Spruce Meadows Media Services

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