Cases of Nile virus discovered in south France.

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A word of warning to anyone intending on making a trip to France soon with a horse for business or sporting reasons.
In the southern region of the country, the marshlands of Camargue, traces of the West Nile virus have been found and have already struck in two horses which have since been put down while others are under preventative observation. Clinical tests undertaken so far have revealed 20 suspect cases, six of which have been put in quarantine.
To continue, the virus leads to a high fever and neurological problems and is transmitted by mosquitoes. The consequences of the virus are fatal as it enters the bloodstream into the brain and spinal cord, causing paralysis and can also affect human beings. In the USA in 2012, this virus took over 280 victims and has also struck in France, North Africa, Romania and Hungary in recent times. For the time being, Germany hasn’t registered a clinical case of the virus.
Summing up, to fight the virus and avoid it breaking out on a wide scale the following specialist website has been made available:

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