Cavalli a Roma.

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From 19-21 February, the eyes of the equestrian world will be on the Italian capital for the Cavalli a Roma event. This year’s edition will have a host of new features as well as staging the latest championship legs for several equestrian disciplines. For the younger fans meanwhile there will be the so-called Baptism of the saddle which gives the little ones their first taste of riding ponies and horses.
What’s more, there will be plenty of event-time dedicated to the new discipline of Mountain Trail while there is also the not-to-be missed spectacular reining show ‘Maremma nel cuore’ organised by Fitetrec. To continue, it isn’t just this ancient form of equestrianism on display in Rome because fans will also be treated to reining in all of its forms from the main disciplines such as team penning, cutting to the aforementioned Mountain Trail which is becoming increasingly popular and practiced in several equestrian centres.
The Fitetrec Show gets going on Friday and continues on Saturday before the official Cavalli a Roma Gala. It promises to be a sensational show which will highlight some of the more antique traditions of the discipline with horses from the Lazio and Tuscany regions.

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