Cavalli a Roma targeting youth.

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‘GiocaPony 2016’ and ‘Hop & Taco’ are the latest two equestrian projects to be presented at the Cavalli a Roma event in the Italian capital.
The presentation will be taking place in exhibition hall no. 6 by the Lazio Reining Committee and is focused on developing the discipline at youth level.
This project has fun as its main goal, and not competition, laying the foundations for a possible future in the sport and gaining confidence in the equestrian discipline.
What’s more, the pony sector is constantly growing and via a series of activities such as the three bar challenge and slalom, the youths will get a first taste as well as learn important values such as fair play and respect.
Each child will then receive a review of their performance and grade giving them information on their strengths and areas that need to be worked on.
The Lazio reining association has also sought to promote the initiative by going on a tour of schools. For more information and material on the aforementioned initiatives you can contact the following:
Tel. +39 338 7019183

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