Chasing Dreams in Verona: Jennifer’s Equestrian Journey

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Meet Jennifer: A 20-year-old Rider from Liechtenstein

In the heart of Verona, amidst the electrifying atmosphere of the Fieracavalli event, we caught up with Jennifer, a 20-year-old equestrian talent representing Liechtenstein. She’s here with two remarkable companions, each contributing uniquely to her journey in the world of show jumping.

The Golden Lady and Tokyo Olympics Experience
“I have here in Verona two horses, a golden lady, that is my golden one, that is jumping the five-star with me in the big shows. She was in Tokyo for the Olympics with the Moroccan guys, so she’s really a horse that is important for me because she gives me confidence to jump higher.”

Tinka’s Hero Z: The Need for Speed and Victories

Jennifer’s connection with the “Golden Lady” goes beyond the arena, reflecting the shared experiences at some of the biggest a most prestigious venues in the world. This exceptional horse not only symbolizes expertise but also acts as a source of confidence, enabling Jennifer to tackle higher jumps.

“And I have Tinka’s Hero Z, said horse that Simone Delestre was riding in the five-star also, and it’s the horse that gives me the ability to go faster and to maybe win or be well-ranked in the 150 and 145.”
Enter Tinka’s Hero Z, a horse with a legacy, previously ridden by Simone Delestre in the five-star competitions. For Jennifer, this horse is the embodiment of speed and the key to clinching victories in the 150 and 145 categories.

Goals for Verona: Grand Prix Qualification and Personal Ranking

“My goal is to, first of all, be qualified for the Grand Prix. And here I really need to win some points for my personal ranking because I’m around 320, and my goal is to be inside the 300 or 250 before the end of the year.”

Jennifer’s aspirations for the weekend at Verona are clear: securing a spot in the Grand Prix and strategically earning points to improve her personal ranking. It’s not just about the competition; it’s about steadily climbing the ranks and making a mark.

Looking Ahead: Olympics and Personal Achievements

“For next season, actually, there’s the Olympics. So for me, I will not be able to do the Europeans. So I think it will be more personal to win some points and to be better placed in the ranking.”
The upcoming season holds Olympic aspirations for Jennifer, necessitating strategic choices in her competition schedule. Focused on personal achievements, she aims to accumulate points and climb the rankings.

Upcoming Shows: Madrid and Geneva

“So in two weeks, we’re going to Madrid for the five-star, and we finish in Geneva in the U25. To finish the year in Geneva, that is a really beautiful show. So I have a beautiful end of the year for my horses.”

Jennifer’s schedule includes exciting stops in Madrid for the five-star competition and a captivating finale in Geneva for the U25 event. Her thoughtful planning ensures a spectacular end to the year for her beloved horses.

Cherished Victories: Verona’s Special Moments

“Actually, it was in Verona, I think, the most beautiful and the one I really remember. I had my little horse CSIO, and he won my last competition with him. It was a 1.45 accumulator, but still, it was my last show with him, and I remember it was very special for me.”

Verona holds a special place in Jennifer’s heart, marked by cherished victories and poignant moments. A 1.45 accumulator win with her beloved horse CSIO stands out as a particularly memorable and emotional experience.

Verona’s Charm: Italian Spirit and Equestrian Harmony

“I really like this place, and I think the horses feel good. There’s a lot of ambiance, and I really love it. The Italian spirit is very nice, and I think my horse and I feel it.”

Verona’s charm isn’t just about the competition; it’s about the atmosphere and the spirit that permeates the event. Jennifer acknowledges the unique ambiance, expressing her love for the Italian spirit that resonates with both her and her horses.

As Jennifer continues to chase her dreams in the equestrian world, Verona remains a significant chapter in her story—a place where victories, aspirations, and the magic of horse and rider come together in a symphony of equestrian excellence.

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