CHIO Aachen, a piece of art on the warm-up area


A genuine piece of Art signed by the graduate designer Martin Stockberg has been set up in the warm-up area in front of the Deutsche Bank Stadium that will host some of the best horses in the world during the CHIO Aachen 2018.A very big art measuring 70 x 70 metres, for which a bird’s eye is necessary to recognize the draws in the sand, made with the only use of a rake by the 52-year-old designer Stockberg and for which has been necessary four hours of planning and settings, measuring the ground and practicing on one or two strokes.The draws illustrates CHIO Aachen’s logo and the pictogram of the five equestrian disciplines Jumping, Dressage, Eventing, Four-In-Hand Driving and Valuting, accompanied by the words “CHIO Aachen 2018“.Craftmanship and a keen sense of the right direction, Martin Stockberg’s art piece serves as “interruptor“ for what will happen in Aachen in less than one month, turning on the thrilling of equestrian enthusiasts. Source: www.chioaachen.dePhoto: courtesy of CHIO Aachen credits Martin Stockberg

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