Cicognani looks ahead to the future

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Pierpaolo Cicognani has played an important role over the years at Stella Maris, the prestigious equestrian and breeding centre located near Rome, and has recently spoken about the renovation works that will see the location play an even more important role in Italian equestrianism.
The President and owner of the structure said the following: “The day to day running of the structure takes up a lot of my time, but I want to continue dedicating my efforts to the training and the rehabilitation of sports horse. I was born the year this place was built and I spent a lot of time here whilst I was growing up. I think I can keep giving a lot to the equestrian sector.”
At the end of November, Stella Maris also welcomed the Italian Equestrian Association President Vittorio Orlandi and commenting on that meeting, Cicognani revealed it was an important occasion to exchange ideas. Cicognani is now looking ahead with optimism and stated how it was necessary to make investments to take Italian equestrianism forwards.
IN THE PHOTO FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Gabriele Menossi, Vittorio Orlandi, Pierpaolo Cicognani and Enrico Reggiani Viani.

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