Compete Under the Lights This Season at DIHP

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There’s nothing more magical than a night under the lights in the desert. Our Grand Prix Arena is special no matter the time of day, but the way it glows under the lights and gathers a crowd makes for an unforgettable night. 

This season, we’re featuring jumpers, hunters, and equitation in our line-up of evening classes. With special dining features and events to go alongside some of the exciting competition, you won’t want to miss a single night session, whether you are a competitor, a fan, or anything in between. 

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Compete Under the Lights This Season at DIHP 4

National Sunshine Series 

$15,000 6 Bar (NSS 1) 

$100,000 Grand Prix (NSS 1) CPHA Style Of Riding Championship (NSS 2) 

$100,000 Grand Prix (NSS 2) 

National Sunshine Series entries are now open and will close October 22.

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Desert Holiday 

$268,000 1.50m CSI5* MLSJ Team Competition (DH 1) 

$1,000,000 Coachella Cup 1.60m CSI5* Grand Prix (DH 1) 

$221,600 CSI5* 1.55m Classic (DH 2) 

$571,000 1.50m CSI5* MLSJ Team Final (DH 2) 

Desert Holiday entries are now open and will close November 12.

Desert Circuit 

$25,000 National Grand Prix (DC 1) 

$50,000 National Grand Prix (DC 2) 

$117,000 CSI3* Grand Prix (DC 3) 

$15,000 DIHP 6-Bar (DC 4) 

$25,000 National Grand Prix (DC 4) 

$100,000 National Grand Prix (DC 5) 

$10,000 Winner’s Circle Hunt & Go Hunter Stake (DC 6) 

$117,000 CSI3* Grand Prix (DC 7) 

$50,000 Pro Eq Challenge (DC 8) 

$50,000 National Grand Prix (DC 8) R.W. Mutch Equitation Championship (DC 9) 

$15,000 Speed League Final (DC 10) 

$100,000 WCHR West Coast Hunter Spectacular (DC 10)

$125,000 CSI4* 1.55m Grand Prix (DC 10)

Desert Circuit entries open November 1

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