CONI presents latest project for the protection of horse welfare.

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CONI, the Italian Olympic Association, presented an important project on Friday the 6th of February for the protection of horse rights and welfare.
For the very first time, four important institutions will play a part in the project: the Italian Ministry of Health, CONI, the Italian Paralympic Association and FISE (Italian Equestrian Sports Federation).
The sub-secretary for Health Vito de Filippo was present at the presentation along with the aforementioned Italian sports institutions . The project “Principi di tutela e gestione degli equidi“ (Principles for the protection and management of equine) includes a publication and an initiative which reveals the aims of affirming the identity of a horse as a living being and the rights that come with it.
CONI’s project includes the publishing of a simple but effective guide that starts off with the culture and the knowledge of the horse, its habits and needs and the correct relationship between man and animal.
Giovanni Malagò, CONI president, led the presentation that underlined how certain principles, rules and behaviour should already be included in the ethical code of each person that is in contact with animals.
Equestrianism is the only sport based on the interaction between the athlete and another living being, and the President of the Italian Paralympic Association Luca Pancalli was eager to stress the therapeutic and social benefits.
The guide, which was published thanks to Dr. Eleonora Di Giuseppe (head of coordination for FISE Institutional Activities), will soon be available to all those interested on the FISE website.

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