CS103* Hamina – Turchetto on the podium and Kainich fourth

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Great Equestrian World for the Italians comes from Finland today where the CS103* Hamina is taking place. Better known as the Hamina Bastioni Horse Festival, the second last stop of the Promotional League Circiut. Roberto Turchetto and Davide Kainich placed well in the Class 2 category with obstacles at 1.40. Turchetto, riding Dan 7-T closed his round with no errors and a time of 27.07 while Kainich riding Princess Raye was just behind him in a time of 28.59. ONlt two Dutch riders finished with faster times: Piet Raymakers Jr finished first riding Van Schijndel’s Chanelly in a time of 25.58 and Jur Vrieling riding Puhr in a time of 26.801.

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