CS12* Sainte cecile

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If horseriding is a way of life then living in Sainte Cecile is definitely the best way to live it. It’s a place that’s focused on the breeding of race horses as well as a meeting point for numerous international show jumping events.
This weekend in Borgogna, all is set for the dtart if of the CS12*, which will see participants of the caliber of Philippe Rozier, Michel Robert and jean Marc Nicolas. Two sand enclosures and one of grass is where the numerous horseriders will be showing their and their horses stuff. Italian riders will be present in the form of Riccardo Pisani with Chco Z and Io Sono di Ca San Giorgio and the yonng horse Zinedine Zidane B and Avdventure; Silvia Bazzani with Clohe Van de Zuuthoeve, Corofin and Zarajewo; Nocolò callerio with Darius, Hitchcock, Wanted and Carthago Z

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