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Italy makes itself heard in France. More precisely at the three star international event at Vichy where two Italian riders made it into the top ten on Friday 15 July at the Prix Hotel Aletti with obstacles at 1.40m, one of the most demanding events of the tournament,. The two riders in question are Juan Carlos Garcia, in the saddle of Shive who finished fourth with 65 points and a time of 54.35 and Natale Chiaudani riding Samsarah who finished sixth with the same 65 points and time of 55.44. The event was won by English rider Laura Renwick riding Beluga (65: 51.53) just ahead of French rider Fabre Delbob in the saddle of Prevertv S.M. who finished with 65 points in a time of 53.52. Honorable mention for  Antonio Alfonso and Celeste Z with 65 points and a time of 62.45 finishing in 17th place.

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