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A good result last night for Italian rider Giulia Martinengo Marquet in the Prix Equidia with obstacles at 1.45m at the two start international event in La Cluzas in France. Riding Chiara 22, she finished her two rounds with no errors in a time of 29.128 which puts her in ninth position overall. The competition was won by French rider Florian Angot on Made in Semilly in a time of 33.658 ahead of Mexican Santiago Lambre on Insul Tech Wonami Van Den Aard (34.324) and another French rider Aldrick Cheronnet on Cantis in a time of 35.3. Errors in the first round mean that neither Natale Chiaudini riding Samsarah, nor Emanuele Gaudiano on Chicago 84 will continue in the competition.

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