CSI3* Munich Indoors: The best talents from the all over the world in action

munich 1

The attention turns to Munich where the CSI3* Munich Indoors competition is taking place. The event offers spectators the chance to see in action John Whitaker (Lord of Arabia), German talents Patrick Stuhlmeyer and David Will  (Lord Lohengrin, Black Jack), Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum (Malou), Robert Whitaker (UB One), Jeroen Dubbeldam (Zhivago), the Americans Lucy Davis and Reed Kessler (Barron e Soraya de l’Obstinacion), Philipp Weishaupt (Souvenir), the Swiss Henrik von Eckermann e Angelica Augustsson.
The see the line-up click on the link :http://eventcontent.hippoonline.de/828/sta_erg/02_staDEU.htm?style=hippo

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