CSI5* Saut Hermès: Bertram Allen rides to victory in the main event on day 1.

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The Parisian event, the CSI5* Saut Hermès, officially got underway today and there were many top international riders going head to head in the majestic setting of the Grand Palais.
This year’s course designer is Germany’s Frank Rothenberger while the technical support is coming from former rider Michel Robert.
Friday’s trials were the Prix du Grand Palais (CSI5*), the first stage of the Les Talents Hermès (category reserved to the under-25s) and the Prix Hermès Sellier (CSI5*).
In the first trial, which was over 1.45m, the winner was Mexican rider Alberto Michan Halbinger with Carusso LS La Silla. In second place we find Irish star Bertram Allen with Quite Easy 4 and in third the home rider Penelope Lèprevost on Ratina d’la Rousserie.
It was victory for Norway meanwhile in the second competition of the day as Victoria Gulliksen rode to the win in the first stage of the Les Talents Hermès. She was competing with Viego Les Hauts and came ahead of Sweden’s Jonna Ekberg on Equita van’T Zorgvliet in second and Germany’s Vanessa Borgman with Come to Win 51 in third.
As for the main event of the day, the Prix Hermès Sellier over 1.50m, this was won by the super Bertram Allen with Romanov. The Irish rider was followed by Britain’s Michael Whitaker on Amai in second and Belgium’s Constant van Paesschen with Ransbeck in third.
Click here for a list of the results: http://www.sauthermes.com/en/the-classes/

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