CSI5*-W: the 30th edition of the Stuttgart German Masters begins tomorrow.

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We’re edging closer to the 5th stage of this season’s FEI World Cup, which will be played out at the CSI5*-W German Masters in Stuttgart and the Hanns-Martin Schleyer arena.
The upcoming equestrian event in Germany is the 30th edition and interestingly in the initial years the winners’ list was dominated by foreign riders. For instance, the first GP was won by Frenchman Philippe Rozier and it wasn’t until 1993, 8 years after the first edition, that a home rider managed to ride to victory with Markus Beerbaum.
The statistics reveal that the rider to have obtained the most success recently on this circuit is Meredith – Michaels Beerbaum. The lady-rider won the Masters Trophy for 3 consecutive seasons, from 2006-2008, with her super mount Shutterfly.
Ludger Beerbaum has also been successful here, while last year’s edition saw the local rider and Baden-Wurttenberg native Hans-Dieter Dreher on Embassy win for the first time. However the rider to have won the most here is the dressage rider Isabell Werth. The 5 time Olympic Champion has won the Masters 10 times with 3 different horses.
Ahead of the German Masters, let’s take a look at the participants this year: Italy will have just one representative in the form of Luca Maria Moneta. The World Champion Jeroen Dubbeldam alongside Daniel Deusser will also be there in Germany. France has decided to field all of its top stars starting from the vice-world champion Patrice Delaveau to the European Champion Roger-Yves Bost, as well as the two members of the silver medal winning team at the last WEG, Penelope Lèprevot and Kevin Staut.
A reminder that Christian Ahlmann, Ludger Beerbaum, Marcus Ehning, Marco Kutscher and the youngster Maurice Tebbel will be on hand for Germany while Sweden’s top riders Rolf-Goran Bengtsson and Henrik von Eckermann will be going for glory as well.
To see the full list for the CSI5* and CDI5*, please click here: http://www.hippobase.com/EventInfo/Entries/CompetitorHorse.aspx?EventID=750&lang=de&EntryGroupIDs=CSI,BW-Bank
source: www.stuttgart-german-masters.de

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