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A fine second placed finish under the guiding hand of Emilio Puricello for the Children’s team at Bodhein’s CSIO in Belgium. this important result was in no small part thanks to Michele Previtali on Eubea del Menhir (0/0), Aurora Zinetti on Zero 7 (4/0), benedetti Mazzei on Cajano (0/8) and Robert Bernasconi on Winston (4/0). The team was less than a second behind the home team and finished ahead of Great Britain.
Worthy of note also is the 6th place finish of the Young Riders with Olimpia Guazzo on Braise Du Marq, Bianca Vudafier on Kombel Saint Paer, Aniello Di Paolo on Charly and Roberto Previtali on Lu Paz. Victory went to Great Britain.

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