CSIO3* Odense: international talents on display.

Odense 0

In addition to the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup for the European Division 2, the CSIO3* Odense, Denmark has also been staging competitions for the youth categories.
In the young riders, Belgium took victory, Germany were second and Sweden third. Click here for more: http://results.hippodata.de/2016/1165/docs/20.pdf
Moving on, Germany were victorious in the junior category followed by Belgium in second. The host nation Denmark claimed the final podium slot. See here for more: http://results.hippodata.de/2016/1165/docs/14.pdf
Ireland were the winners meanwhile in the pony category, Denmark were second and Norway were third. For more, here is a full breakdown of the results: http://results.hippodata.de/2016/1165/docs/07_erg.pdf
photo: csio odense

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