CSIO3*-W Budapest International Jumping, Italian Victory in 1m40 Horse Trans Cargo Prix

turturiello 140cm EEF Series Budapest credits photo

CSIO3*-W Budapest International Jumping Competition Kicks Off with the Inter Horse Truck Prix

The CSIO***-W Budapest International Jumping Competition started with the 125cm contest for young horses. In this €2,000 Inter Horse Truck Prix a total of 45 rider and horse pairs lined up. Six-year-old horses opened the competition followed by seven-year-olds. At the end it was very tight at the top as three riders finished within one second, so after the fast rides competitors waited with bated breath for the results to display on the screen.
Eventually, first place went to Andrius Petrovas on seven-year-old Javenda, ahead of Ivaylo Bonev and his horse, Je Suis Special BMG. Melinda Schlezák, representing the international jury, and Csaba Kovács, Managing Director of Inter Horse Truck Kft., congratulated the winning riders.
The horses of Horses For Sale Ltd. have presented an excellent performance this time as well, as the highest placed Hungarian riders represented the company, with fourth-placed Rodrigo Szuhai on Jayjay, ahead of his brother, Gyula Szuhai Jnr. on Edward Z, and their teammate Máté Berkes on Cornet. Alessandra Reich took sixth place in the saddle of Anyway van het Kervijnhof Z, followed by the best Hungarian-bred horse, Miami de Garder, ridden and bred by Borbála Burucs.
Italian Victory in Horse Trans Cargo Prix

The second contest of the Longines EEf Nations Cup Budapest was the 140cm Horse Trans Cargo Prix for a prize money of €2,560 and a large field of 57 rider and horse pairs lined up.
The first starter, István Máté, Jnr., recorded a very quick time and a clear round on Fly Boy, and kept the leading position for a long time until Péter Szuhai scored an even speedier ride on Chilling Out. Local spectators’ hope for a double victory was alive for an hour and a half, but at the end Italian Francesco Turturiello beat all the previous times and won first place ahead of Péter Szuhai and István Máté, Jnr.
The third placed of the Szilvásvárad Masters Grand Prix, Angelique Hoorn, finished fourth in the saddle of Heaven of Romance, who is the maternal sister of the excellent Expectation of Romance, likely to have a successful sport career ahead of her. Fifth place went to Aggelos Touloupis, one of the best riders in Greece, ahead of young local riders Dóra Bognár on Kronos. István Máté, Jnr. on his second horse, I’m Special RV, and Annamária Zárug on Coolman.
Riders were congratulated by Csaba Szabó on behalf of the jury and Róbert Lengyel, director of Horse Trans Cargo Ltd.
RESULTS HERE https://www.longinestiming.com/equestrian/2021/longines-eef-nations-cup-budapest-semi-final-budapest/resultlist_02.html
Swiss Supremacy in Prize Presented by the Ministry of Human Capacities
The featured event on the first day of the Longines EEF Series Semi Final Budapest CSIO***-W was the 145cm competition against the clock with a total prize money of more than € 5,000 in the Prize presented by the Ministry of Human Capacities. Fifty riders and horse pairs lined up, including riders intending to compete in the Grand Prix as qualification is required to take part and the top 30 riders could gain clearance based on their performance today.
The course was definitely difficult, with riders and horses having to work hard for a clear round, meaning they had to jump without penalties and be within the tight time limit. Despite this, many Hungarian riders recorded clear rounds. Tamás Mráz even with both of his horses. In the end he finished on BN Silver in sixth place, while on Givano in 17th place after a safer ride. Other Hungarian riders without penalties were Gyula Zárug on the just 8-year-old Doris, István Máté, Jnr. on Sanghata, Zoltán Czékus on Kempo Cento, Péter Szuhai on Casino Royal Z, and Vince Jármy on JB Koronaőr.
For long it seemed that the Swiss trio would win, as members of the Swiss national team, Aurelia Loser, Edouard Schmitz and Romain Duguet, were confidently in the lead. Only the French rider Severin Hillereau was able to intervene and take the bronze place in the last minute. After this competition it became clear that the Swiss team, led by Thomas Fuchs, one of Europe’s most renowned equestrian professionals, will be in top form for tomorrow’s Nations Cup starting at 2 pm.
The prizes in this competition were presented by Ministerial Commissioner Dr. Gyula Budai.

Starting Order for Nations Cup Team Competition Revealed

Ten countries have entered the CSIO***-W International Show Jumping World Cup and Nations Cup Team Competition in Budapest, which represent one of the crowded competitions of recent years. The stakes are high as the semi-finals of the European Equestrian Federation’s Nations Cup series will represent a direct route to the finals in Warsaw in two months’ time.
The starting order was decided by a public draw, which took place at 7 pm in the main building of the National Riding Hall. The countries will enter the track in the following order:
1. Czech Republic
2. Germany
3. Romania
4. Greece
5. Austria
6. Bulgaria
7. Italy
8. Hungary
9. Switzerland
10. Turkey
PRESS release CSIO***-W Budapest International Jumping | Hoto creedits (F. Turturiello and Diraba) CSIO***-W Budapest International Jumping
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