Deadline for the KWPN auction ends today. The son of Florencio highly sought after.


Let’s take a look now at the goings-on from the breeding sector because passionate followers of the KWPN studbook may well find the right occasion to purchase a foal. Today, the 26th of September, is the final day of the KWPN young horses auction which comes to an end at 21.00. 42 foal have been presented in the catalogue divided between the categories of dressage and show-jumping.
Here are some of the most sought after foal in the dressage category: J’adore (Florencio xx Johnson) that has received 1051 clicks and 10 offers. All that has brought its total price to 3,500 euros. It’s a similar story for a son of Quateron (xxRonaldo); the bay Jonas with 640 clicks has received very generous offers that have brought its total cost to 3,500 euros. We also have the younger brother of the super champion Valegro, Jeff (Negro xx Welt Hit II Keur), with 1093 clicks and 8 offers. The leader of this special table though is Julucienne STMT, son to Charmeur xx Ampère, with a whopping 2548 clicks and 16 offers for a total price of 5,100 euros.
As for the show-jumping category, the young horse that has received the most interest seems to be sorrel Jensen, a son to Nassau (grandfather Voltaire) with 953 clicks and 9 offers for 3,300 euros. Following behind is the bay Jumper HV (Namelus R xx Contendro I prok) with 587 clicks and 6 offers for 2,900 euros. We then find Johnpower (Starpower xx Voltaire) with 475 clicks and 6 offers for 2,800 euros followed by Jabadento HSH from Nabab de Reve xx Cento and a foal that has received 1462 visits and 6 offers for a price of 2,700 euro.
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