Dirk Demeersman set to lose top performer

Bufero 1

The partnership between Belgian rider Dirk Demeersman and his top performer Bufero van het Panishof is set to come to an end.
The rider found himself in a difficult position after the owner of the horse decided to sell the performer. Despite Dirk Demeersman’s attempts, the two weren’t able to find an agreement over the price and the horse will be sold to another buyer.
Bufero van het Panishof (Parco x Polidiktus), who is affectionately known as “Buffy“, is a 13 year-old stallion. Alongside Demeersman, the pair have formed a pillar of the Belgian team in recent years with appearances at the London Olympics, the World Equestrian Games in 2010 and the European Championships in 2011.  

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