Draw for starting order made at Fei World Cup 2014

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Meanwhile official starting order for the first round of the 2014 Fei World Cup final has taken place.
The first to go will be Michael Whitaker riding Viking; after him Simon Delestre with Napoli du Ry and following that the Swedish rider Malin Baryard Johnsson on H & M Tornesch 1042.
The US will have 11 stars and stripes in the field led by champions Beezie Madden and Simon who we interviewed for the occasion, a combination that goes in the 31st round.
Lucy Davis is also in action on the trusty Barron, the 20 year-old American is one of the youngest riders in the event, the last will be Kent Farrington with Blue Angel and McLain Ward on HH Carlos Z.
Awaiting special observation, in addition to Simon Madden are also Marcus Ehning on Cornado NRW (34th in the order of departure), Pius Schwizer with Quidam de Vivier (32 ° ) and Ludger Beerbaum on Chaman (5th).
Below the starting order complete: http://eventcontent.hippoonline.de/890/sta_erg/06_staENG.htm?style=longi …
Everything is ready, with the opening ceremony starting at 20:00 and then the 2014 World Cup starts.

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