Dutch rider, Aniek Diks with ‘Qointreau Van’t Hoogeinde’ has the fastest time of the day in the 7 year old class

Aniek Diks by c Moises Basallote

German rider, Guido Klatte with ‘Venga Boy 4’ and Harry Allen with ‘Check Me Z’ take the wins in the other sections of the 7yr class, that saw  215 competitors take to the arena.
It was another busy day of jumping here at Montenmedio’s XXIX Andalucía Sunshine Tour. The young horse classes (5, 6 and 7yrs) were full to the brim, and today, were swapped into different arenas. More than 600 combinations jumped over the course of the day, in this impressive event that is sponsored by the ‘Consejería de Turismo, Cultura y Deporte’ and co-financed by the European Union. Today, as the first of the six 4*  starts up, this number will rise exponentially!
Top of the leaderboard yesterday in the first 7yr old class was the German rider  Guido Klatte with ‘Venga Boy 4’, second was Belgian rider, Ignace Philips de Vuyst with ‘Queen-Lisa de Guldenboom’ and in third, top Australian event rider, Chris Burton with ‘Chedington Azzurra’.
In the second class, which was divided into two sections, the winners were the Dutch rider Aniek Diks, who had the fastest round of the day, with ‘Qointreau Van’t Hoogeinde’, and the Irish rider,  Harry Allen with ‘Check Me Z’. Harry had a fabulous day as he obtained also the second place with ‘Kumina Della Caccia’.  The other combination in second place was the American, Michael Hughes with ‘Gucci du Hamel’. The German rider, Kendra Brinkop with ‘Cinnamon Pommex Z’ and the Spanish rider, Álvaro González de Zárate with  ‘Chust do it’ took third place.
215 horses jumped in this section however the 6yr old class had 250 horses participating.
Results first CSIYH1* SEVEN YEAR OLD HORSES class: https://www.longinestiming.com/equestrian/2023/andalucia-sunshine-tour-week-1-vejer-de-la-frontera/resultlist_58A.html
Results second CSIYH1* SEVEN YEAR OLD HORSES class: https://www.longinestiming.com/equestrian/2023/andalucia-sunshine-tour-week-1-vejer-de-la-frontera/resultlist_58B.html


Press release Montenmedio’s XXIX Andalucía Sunshine Tour.
Photo from Aniek Diks by (c) Moisés Basallote

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