Embracing Equine Harmony: Insights from Monia Carnevali, a Mother, Rider, and Health Coach

Monia Carnevali health coach il salto nelle emozioni

In the ever-evolving tapestry of equestrian sports, Monia Carnevali emerges as a sage, weaving together her roles as a mother, seasoned rider, and insightful health coach. With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the emotional nuances in the equestrian world, Monia generously shares her journey, offering invaluable lessons on cultivating a profound connection with horses.

Monia’s Journey: A Mother’s Awareness

A poignant chapter in Monia’s life unfolds as she, at 53, witnesses her children embracing equestrian sports. This transformative moment prompts her to reflect, “As a mother, living this journey with my 14-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son, I’ve gained awareness that can truly make a difference.” Monia’s parental role takes center stage, emphasizing the significance of passing on the passion for horses with patience and understanding.

Embracing Emotions: The Leap into “Le Emozioni”

Monia’s recent book, “Le Emozioni” (The Emotions), serves as a guiding beacon for riders, parents, and instructors within the equestrian community. “It’s a manual for the successful rider, where emotions become the guiding thread of experiences shared in this extraordinary world,” she expresses. Delving into the transformative power of emotions, Monia accentuates their role as a driving force in the equestrian journey.

Reflecting on Her Father’s Wisdom:

Monia’s father, her first fan and source of inspiration, plays a pivotal role in shaping her outlook. She acknowledges his unique approach, stating, “He saw my value in victories but also knew

when to be silent during defeats.” Monia’s advice resonates beyond the racetrack, urging parents to embrace the pride of their children’s achievements and understand that their success is a unique, individual journey.

The Sacred Alliance: Horse, Rider, and Instructor

Monia underlines the significance of the deep connection between horse, rider, and instructor, emphasizing the 5 A’s—love, alliances, attitude, training, and nutrition. “It’s a team effort where the horse plays a principal role, reflecting our emotions transparently. This creates a sacred alliance between the knight, parent, and instructor,” she explains. This sacred alliance, according to Monia, forms the bedrock of successful and fulfilling equestrian experiences.

The 5 A’s: Translated Wisdom from Italian

Monia’s 5 A’s—love, alliances, attitude, training, and nutrition—offer a profound approach to equestrian life. Translated from Italian, these pillars represent the quintessential elements that contribute to the success and well-being of both rider and horse. As Monia puts it, “None of them represents something more important than the others, although each of us then finds himself cyclically having to take charge, perhaps working more on one or the other.”

Challenges of Today’s Equestrian World:

Acknowledging the rapid evolution in today’s equestrian world, Monia sheds light on the heightened pressure and speed that riders, parents, and instructors face. “Today’s equestrian world is different. Races start early, and the centrifugal force is both physical and emotional,” she notes. Monia delves into the challenges of managing emotions, learning from disappointments, and focusing on personal growth amidst the ever-accelerating pace of the modern equestrian landscape.

The Power of Gratitude:

Monia considers gratitude a powerful choice, a form of love towards oneself and the surroundings. “Gratitude is a choice that can bring wealth and prosperity to our relationships. It means living everything as a gift, without expectations or judgment,” she articulates. Her perspective on gratitude underscores its transformative potential in fostering a positive and enriching environment within the equestrian community.

Closing Thoughts:

Monia Carnevali’s journey encapsulates the essence of equestrian sports—a discipline of life, a responsibility to oneself. Her insights guide riders, parents, and instructors toward creating a harmonious connection with horses, emphasizing the profound impact of love, alliances, attitude, training, and gratitude in this extraordinary journey. As Monia beautifully puts it, “Being grateful is a choice that can make a difference in the relationship with ourselves and with whoever is around us at any time of our daily life.” Her words serve as a guiding light for those navigating the intricate paths of equestrian pursuits in an ever-evolving landscape.

V. Sozzi

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