Equestrian events at 2016 Rio Olympic Games at risk.

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Brazil, the host nation for the 2016 Olympic Games, could well be forced to stage the equestrian events in a different country altogether.
Due to the complicated and strict regulations with regards to bringing horses from abroad into the South American nation, the equestrian events are now at risk and may have to take place far from Rio.
The President of the Brazilian Equestrian Federation, Luiz Roberto Giugni, has raised the issue with the country’s Agriculture Ministry and together they are assessing how to overcome the problem.
One possible solution could be to put all horses with a FEI certificate forward for specific veterinary and clinical exams and allow those that have qualified for the games and with a clean bill of health access.
Interestingly, there has been a similar case in the past and in the 1956 edition of the Olympic Games in Australia the equestrian events were forced to take place in Sweden because of strict regulations.
None of those involved however want to resort to a similar situation and there is said to be optimism among the organising committee that a quick solution can be found to the problem.
source: hoefslag.nl

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