An Exclusive Insight into Mackenzie Clark’s Journey

Mackenzie Clark equestrian photographer at Aachen 2022

Unveiling the Artistry Behind Equestrian Excellence

Embarking on a journey that intertwines passion, athleticism, and artistic flair, Mackenzie Clark stands as a beacon in the world of equestrian photography. With an unwavering love for both the art of capturing moments and the grace of these majestic animals, Mackenzie’s lens unveils the essence of equestrian excellence like never before. As an international equestrian photographer, Mackenzie’s path to success is as intriguing as the mesmerizing images she creates. In this exclusive interview, we delve deep into Mackenzie’s story, from the roots of her passion to the heights of her career, offering a glimpse into the soul of a true artist behind the camera. Join us as we uncover the artistry and dedication that define Mackenzie Clark’s remarkable journey in the world of equestrian photography.

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“My love for horses and the sport took over and I ultimately combined both of my passions.”

— Mackenzie Clark

My passion for photography began with art and painting,” Mackenzie recalls, tracing the roots of her artistic journey. “Initially, I started photographing for my paintings, but my involvement in show jumping from a young age further fueled my love for horses and the sport.” Combining her artistic flair with her equestrian background, Mackenzie seamlessly integrated her two passions, embarking on a fulfilling career as an equestrian photographer, now celebrating her 12th year in the field.

The decision to pursue equestrian photography full-time and traverse the globe in pursuit of her passion was a pivotal moment in Mackenzie’s career trajectory. “I’ve been traveling full-time in this career for the past 6 years,” she reveals, emphasizing her deep-rooted fascination with photography and travel. “These cameras and horses have taken me to some truly extraordinary places, allowing me to view them through a unique lens. There’s a different perspective when horses are at the forefront.”

Reflecting on her most cherished memories from horse shows around the world, Mackenzie’s eyes light up with nostalgia. “One of he standout moments was McLain Ward and HH Azur winning the Rolex Grand Prix in Geneva 2022,” she reminisces with a smile. “Documenting their journey from vet check to victory was truly special, a memorable chapter in my photographic journey.”

Another unforgettable experience was capturing the 2019 Nations Cup at WEF, where Mackenzie had the privilege of photographing her longtime friend, Beth Underhill, compete for Team Canada. “That night was a fairytale to photograph,” she recalls fondly, savoring the magic of the moment.

Central to Mackenzie’s photographic philosophy is her unwavering commitment to capturing the raw emotion of each moment. “My ultimate goal with these photos is to transport people into the experience, to make them feel like they were right there in that moment,” she explains. “It’s about capturing the perfect balance of light, composition, and emotion, sometimes prioritizing the background and ambiance over the foreground.”

In her illustrious career, Mackenzie has captured countless memorable moments, each imbued with its own unique story. “There are several photos that have become milestones in my journey,” she reflects. “One such moment was in 2017 when I captured a girl and her horse under a sprawling tree in the heart of a Canadian field. It was then that I realized my passion for portrait photography and the art of storytelling.” Another defining moment was when Mackenzie defied convention by shooting directly into the light, unlocking a newfound appreciation for color and luminosity.

“Sometimes the background and light is more important than the obvious foreground.”

Despite her artistic prowess, Mackenzie remains her own harshest critic, constantly striving for perfection in her craft. “For every brilliant photo, there are countless others that don’t quite measure up,” she admits with a hint of self-deprecation. “But it’s all part of the process, the journey toward capturing that perfect shot.”

Yet, the path of an equestrian photographer is not without its challenges. Mackenzie emphasizes the importance of selecting assignments that resonate with her, ensuring that she can fully immerse herself in the moments she captures. “Time is my biggest challenge,” she acknowledges. “Sometimes, the pressure for fast photo delivery can overshadow the pursuit of quality and depth in my work.”

When asked about her favorite horse show, Mackenzie’s response is unequivocal: Aachen. “The atmosphere at Aachen is unparalleled,” she enthuses. “The sheer passion and camaraderie among fans who gather each year to celebrate their love for horses is truly remarkable.”

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Mackenzie Clark ©

Drawing inspiration from riders like Scott Brash, Mackenzie admires their dedication and connection with their equine partners. “Scott Brash exemplifies kindness and patience with each horse,” she explains. “Photographing him at Aachen 2022 was a unique experience, witnessing the intimate bond between rider and horse amidst the grandeur of the event. His attention to detail and unwavering commitment to excellence serve as a true inspiration.”

Looking ahead, Mackenzie harbors a simple yet profound dream: to capture the magic of the Olympics through her lens. “The Olympics, at least once!” she exclaims without even thinking about it twice.

In the world of equestrian photography, Mackenzie Clark’s vision and dedication shine brightly, illuminating the beauty and majesty of horses in every frame she captures. Her journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of following one’s passion and embracing the adventure that awaits. “Ultimately, I want to believe that my photos have brought joy and inspiration to countless people around the world.”

V. Sozzi

Photos provided by Mackenzie Clark ©

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