Equestrian qualification for Rio 2016

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The European adventure just ended in Aachen after two weeks of intense competition for many of the participating nations, including Italy, it was the last chance to gain a place at the next Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.
With the Dutch team already automatically qualified as a world champions, ther were six places up for grabs from Aachen, three dressage and three others in show jumping.
In showjumping, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland have concluded in the top three, but since the top two (winner Netherlands as anticipated, and Germany) had already qualified for Rio 2016, the three remaining places were distributed among Switzerland, Great Britain and Spain.
A great shame for France, despite an excellent start has failed to win a placing useful to get the pass Brazilian.
Ukraine and Russia took part in the competitions in Aachen but were out of the runing, Eastern Europe, Central Europe and Central Asia have already had their continental meeting held in Samorin, Slovakia earlier this month and getting an Olympic pass was the Ukrainian team.
As for the dressage, the other Olympic discipline that Aachen opened a chance to qualify for Rio 2016 with the winner Netherlands already qualified like Britain and Germany, the Olympic qualification was achieved by Spain, Sweden and France.
As for the horse trials, the last two places for the European teams that will go to Rio de Janeiro will be awarded during the European Championships to be held at Blair Castle, Scotland.
photo: Aachen2015 / photographer

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