Equestrian World: horse belonging to a regional councilor in Trento brutally murdered.

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There is unfortunately an ugly incident of violence to report from Trento, where a horse was brutally killed. To make matters even worse, the horse is of an ancient and native breed to the Trentino region.
The death is said to have occurred after a gunshot, although the horse was also found with its throat slashed which it’s been reported was done to conceal the real events behind the death.
The horse belonged to the regional councilor, Graziano Lozzer, and was initially found missing from the farm home by Lozzer’s son, who was the first person to discover the horse was missing and warned his father immediately.
Graziamo Lozzer went looking for the horse, whom the family was very attached to. The scene they would then witness on the clearing was horrifying; the mare had her neck slashed open. She was 15 years old and she was pregnant. Afterwards, the metal detector identified a foreign object inside the body which could be a bullet although veterinary exams will clarify the causes of death.
Lozzer, who defined the incident as a true and proper “execution”, said he had no suspects and has pressed charges in Trento where investigations continue. In the meantime, Lozzer has called for an official meeting with the leader of the hunters’ association to test the mood and to better understand if there could be anyone with such motives to commit such an atrocious act.
source: trentinocorrierealpi.gelocal.it – http://trentinocorrierealpi.gelocal.it/trento/cronaca/2014/10/17/Equestrian World/ca…

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