Equestrian world prepares for FEI Awards

fei awards 2016 global quest for equestrian heroes begins 1

The annual FEI awards are just around the corner.
For the athlete of the year, the following have all been nominated: Isabell Werth, Astier Nicolas, Nick Skelton and Sophie Christiansen.
As for the “Against All Odds“ trophy here are the nominations: Rodolpho Riskalla, Manuel Franke Bertolotto, Hannah Francis and Pepo Puch.
Moving on, Moulay Abdellah Alaoui, Mohamed Kaialifa and Kylie Sheperd are all in line for the “FEI Solidarity“ trophy.
There is also an award for the best groom as well as an award for the best young talent in the form of the “Rising Star“ trophy.

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