Equinox won the 2023 Japan Cup

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The strongest horse in the world is confirmed. Adjectives seem to fall short for Equinox. It’s hard to find words to define this magnificent horse that once again impressed, leaving its competitors meters behind.

The Victory

Staying within the group until the final 300 meters, then a blazing sprint, prompted by Christophe Patrice Lemaire. At the 200-meter mark, he catches up with the lone leader, and in the final 100 meters, he holds a significant lead over all opponents.

Success after Success For Equinox

Nine races, including this last one, have been contested, resulting in seven victories and two second-place finishes, establishing him as a giant in the stratosphere of horse racing.


A 4-year-old entire horse, son of Kitasan Black, trained by Takahiro Kimura under the colors of Silk Racing Co. Ltd, once again thrilled the Japanese audience with a superb performance, showcasing unmatched quality.

Long and extended celebrations marked the end of this edition of the Japan Cup, initiated in 1981 by Japan Racing, awarding the winner a prize of 533 million Yen (approximately 4.6 million dollars). Of course, many congratulations to jockey Lemaire, who rode Equinox in all nine races.

Full race standings available here.

Bruno Delgado

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