European Horseball Championships 2023 Day Three

Squadra italiana ai Campionati Europei di Horseball 2023

Excitement and Sportsmanship Dominate the scene

The European Horseball Championships continued to captivate audiences on its third day showcasing incredible horsemanship, skill, and teamwork. With the support of our generous sponsors, KEP Italia helmets and Parlanti riding boots, the championship has become an exhilarating showcase of the equestrian sport.

In the U10 category, EquiValant Belgium and Catalunya displayed their remarkable abilities, with Catalunya emerging victorious with a score of 8-3. Meanwhile, Italia and France engaged in a thrilling match, with France securing a commendable 9-3 win. The young talents exhibited immense potential, impressing both spectators and fellow competitors alike.

The U16 division witnessed a dominant performance by France, overpowering Great Britain with an impressive 16-1 triumph. Italia, on the other hand, showcased their strength against Portugal, claiming a resounding victory with a scoreline of 14-2. The U16 matches were a testament to the dedication and hard work put in by these young athletes.

The U21 category brought forth an intense battle between Spain and France, resulting in a hard-fought 4-4 draw where both teams displayed exceptional skill and sportsmanship. In another thrilling encounter, Italia proved their mettle against Belgium, triumphing with an outstanding score of 15-1. The U21 matches left the audience in awe of the talent and determination exhibited by these young riders.

The Ladies division witnessed tightly contested matches, with Great Britain and Italia ending their game with a 3-3 draw, highlighting the remarkable capabilities of both teams. France, on the other hand, displayed their dominance, securing a commanding 8-0 victory against Belgium. The Ladies matches showcased the grace and precision of these skilled equestrians.

In the highly anticipated Pro-Elite category, Great Britain and Italia enthralled the crowd with a riveting match, eventually culminating in a 12-5 victory for Italia. Spain and Belgium faced off in a nail-biting encounter, with Spain narrowly missing out on victory as Belgium clinched a 7-6 win. The Pro-Elite matches demonstrated the pinnacle of horseball expertise, leaving spectators on the edge of their seats.

The European Horseball Championships have showcased the extraordinary talent and dedication of all participating teams. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed sponsors, KEP Italia helmets and Parlanti riding boots, for their unwavering support in making this event a resounding success.

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