GIOVANNI 1 Vilamoura Equestrian centre

Another day, a new story to be written in Vilamoura. Two more classes happened yesterday,
in the morning, the Children ́s First Qualifier and in the afternoon, the Juniors Second
Qualifier, that counted also for the Juniors First Round of the Nations Cup. Now that the
competition is running you can feel a vibrating energy in the air, that mixes a certain
anxiety, nerves and a little bit of hope. Everyone wants to show their value and that he/her
deserves to wear its country colours. Between the two classes, a total of 193 combinations
entered the arena, trying to do clear rounds, in the minimum time possible.
Both courses were once designed by Bernardo Costa Cabral. The Children ́s class had
a total of 12 obstacles and 15 efforts, set at 1,25m and the Juniors class, had 13 obstacles
and 15 efforts, set at 1,40m.
Italy and Belgium were in the highlights of the Children ́s Qualifier. Italy took the two
upper spots, first thanks to the clear round of Giovanni Vincoli riding Qitana Vdv and
secondly, thanks to the other clear round achieved by the combination Nicolo’ Paolo
Monari & Touche D Arrogance. Belgium can ́t stop winning in this competition, so the third
place was occupied by Yari van den Branden that cleared the round, with Gerard.
In the Juniors category, two facts worth mentioning…the second qualifier of the
Individual Ranking, had the Belgium combination Tristan Guisson & Naturelle vh Legitahof
Z as the fastest clear, but since the final board is a combination of the other Qualifier
classes results, the French Alice Laine riding Emerald Sitte, is in fact the number one in
the temporary/provisional classification. As for the team’s competition that also started
yesterday in the Juniors category, the top 5 of the first round of the Nations Cup was topped by
Belgium (0,83), followed by Switzerland (9,98), Great Britain (11,56), France (14,04) and
then Ireland (14,2).
Today it’s time for two more classes, this time, both individual and team competition,
the Second Round of the Juniors Second Qualifier (that counts for the Second Round of
the category’s Nations Cup) and the First Round of the Young Riders Second Qualifier
(that counts for the First Round of the category’s Nations Cup).
Photo credits Vilamoura Equestrian Centre (Giovanni Vincoli riding Qitana Vdv)
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