Events: Joris de Brabander to judge Zangersheide event in France

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This weekend will be the first time that Zangersheide organise an event in France, but it also represents the first time that Joris de Brabander will take up the role as a judge alongside Ulli Kasselmann and Xavier Leredde.
The decision was made only yesterday, when the Zangersheide owner Leon Melchior made contact with Brabander in the morning to communicate the Equestrian World. Both share an intense passion for horses and this led to the collaboration.
Moreover, Melchior authorised the purchase of a foal that came from the super horse Ratinza Z x Clarissima, which is the best horse that Joris de Brabander has ever had. In an effort to show his gratitude for this gesture and purchase, Brabander couldn’t do anything but accept the offer to be a judge this weekend.
Brabander is an important figure in the breeding circuit and it takes just one look at some of the performers that have come from his stables to realise this: Vigo Arsouilles and Querlybet Hero.

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