Events: Trekking exhibition in Lyon, France 21-23 March

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Calling all fans of trekking! In 2 weeks’ time in France a special event in Lyon at the Salon du Randonneur will be promoting the sport in all its forms from the classical walking excursion, to mountain hiking and even those by horse.
The event will be taking place from the 21st to the 23rd of March and will be giving the public the chance to come into contact with the various agencies that organise the aforementioned excursion trips, the structures and courses and even the retailers that sell the latest trekking gear.
Travel agencies are increasingly catering for excursion trips and holidays and in doing so also play an important role in promoting a healthy and active lifestyle in addition to preserving the natural landscape and culture of the land.
It’s a concept which is still developing in Italy, but the resources and potential are certainly not lacking. From Italy’s traditional cuisine to the impressive architectural structures and enchanting towns and historic centres, not forgetting the natural sites such as the Parco Ticino which offers visitors a rich and varied itinerary programme.
For further information and to take part at this interesting event, please consult the website at the following link:
The price is more than affordable at €5 euros with the possibility of a further discount of €2 by presenting the downloadable voucher from the website.

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