Events: two important exhibitions in Rome and Hamburg

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There are a range of events dedicated to the equestrian sector on the way in Europe and for all those that are interested they should give a thought to the “Cavalli a Roma” exhibition that is set to be held from the 25-27 of April in the Italian capital. Over 2000 horses will be present at Fiera Roma with a rich schedule offered to spectators which includes competitions in various disciplines from the classical show jumping to the more modern reining.
Please see the following link to learn more about the event:
To see a video presentation meanwhile, please see the following link:
That’s not all and at the same time this week there will also be another important event taking place in Hamburg for the Hansepferd Hamburg. The exhibition takes place every two years with 450 specialised exhibitors from the equestrian sector set to take part. Moreover, special clinics and the very useful Equine Expertise Forum will also be included as part of the exhibition’s programme of events. Tickets can be purchased online and the prices are far from extortionate, ranging from 11 euros for an adult to 3 euros per person for school visits. (online prices are even more convenient)
For all information, please see the following link:
For a video presentation meanwhile, please visit the following website:

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